Softball Soul

Bring your Soul to the game!

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Softball Soul® shop is connected to Printful, a drop shipping company. Once you order they print the product then ship to you. There are NO RETURNS for wrong size. 

We suggest you measure your favorite garment, add one inch for shrinkage, and choose the size from the size chart found with the description of the product. 

Sometimes the apparel will have a smell from the pre-treatment spray. Just wash once and the smell will disappear. Happy shopping!

About Softball Soul®

I created this store for my two daughters who love everything softball. Gracen, a freshman at University of Oregon, plays on the Club Softball team. Sophia, who has Down syndrome, plays on a Challenger/disability team. 

iPhone initially did not have a softball emoji so I created one and had so much fun I created a few more and we call them Sporjis (Sport Emojis). That led to adding Sporji merch for baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and tennis. 

You can find the iMessage packs in the Apple store by searching SPORJI.

Thanks for visiting! Cheers, Susette