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Sporji Sticker packs now available in the Apple Store!


About The Sporji Stickers:

Introducing…Sporji- Sports Expression Stickers!

To the Softball community…this was created for you! For too long we have been without our own Softball symbol. And since we love all sports and athletes we included six other sports. Available in Apple’s iMessage store within the App Store.

Free version of Sporji Stickers click HERE

To access the sticker store:

  1. Open your Messages App on your iphone or ipad.
  2. Pick any one of your text streams.
  3. Down by the text window click on the ‘A’ (Apple store icon, or if it’s not showing click the arrow and the Apple icon will appear)
  4. Click the 4 circles at bottom left.
  5. Click the plus sign marked ‘Store’.
  6. Click the ‘Manage’ box in upper right corner, make sure ‘Automatically Add Apps’ is turned on so any stickers you ever download will automatically be available in your text window.
  7. Click the magnifying glass image in upper left corner and search ‘Sporji’ or ‘Soparia Inc’
  8. Choose the free version or each ball version for 99 cents. Get the Bundle with all 7 sports plus the Mom sticker pack for $3.99!

Be sure to check out our Mom sticker pack…common word stickers to make mom’s job a bit quicker!

Enjoy! The Softball Soul Team